What’s the Evidence? Corticosteroids in Sepsis?

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December 1, 2015 by dailybolusoflr

By: Nick Rademacher, MD

Surviving Sepsis Suggestions

  • Do not use steroids unless refractive to BOTH fluids and vasopressor therapy.
    • Vasopressor trial is 60 minutes of nonresponsivness
  • If needed give pulse of 200mg IV hydrocortisone

Rationale Summary

  • This recommendation is based on several contradictory studies
  • RCT of patients in vasopressor-unresponsive septic shock with significant shock reversal and reduction in mortality.2
    • Reproduced in 2 smaller RTCs 3,4
  • Large multicenter trial with patients not in sustained shock did not show mortality benefit with steroids 5
    • Everyone got steroids, regardless of response to pressors.

Low Dose Steroids

  • Results varied based on studies included in systemic reviews. 
    • With only high quality studies it does not appear low dose steroids offer statistically significantly difference.


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