Back to Basics: Infectious Flexor Tenosynovitis (FTS)

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September 29, 2015 by dailybolusoflr

By: Casey Carr, MD


  • Inflammation of a tendon and its synovial sheath.
  • Most commonly in hand and wrist.
  • Can have infectious and non-infectious causes.
  • Infectious FTS is a surgical emergency.

Clinical presentation

  • Presents as both an acute and sub-acute process
  • Associated with penetrating trauma to the hand; this includes dog and cat bites or IV drug use.
  • Can also be secondary to disseminated Neisseria gonorrhea.
  • Kanavel’s cardinal signs: (1) proximal tenderness of the tendon sheath, (2) symmetric digit enlargement, (3) flexed joint at rest, and (4) painful passive ROM
  • Earliest sign: pain with passive ROM
  • Worst prognosis: age > 45, history of DM, PVD, CRF, and digital ischemia


  • Primarily a clinical diagnosis
  • XR if suspected retained foreign body
  • If cutaneous purulent fluid present, send Gram stain and culture
  • If systemic signs present, send blood cultures
  • Inflammatory biomarkers (ESR, CRP, WBC) have high sensitivity but low negative predictive values


  • Immobilize and elevate hand
  • Consult hand surgery
  • Parental antibiotics: Vancomycin 1 gram IV q 6 hours PLUS ampicillin-sulbactam 1.5 grams IV q 6 hours OR cefoxitin 2 grams IV q 8 hours OR piperacillin-tazobactam 3.375 grams IV q 6 hours
  • Early use of broad spectrum antibiotics associated with better outcomes

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