Medical Minute: Wellen’s Syndrome

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July 30, 2014 by dailybolusoflr

By Julie Rice, MD
  • Symmetric deeply inverted  t waves (Type A- more common) or biphasic T waves (Type B – less common) in V2 and/or V3 that are predictive of proximal LAD coronary artery lesion

  • These are found during pain free episodes

Ref: Mattu

      • Reflects high degree of stenosis that will soon result in anterior MI.
      •  Patient needs urgent PCI
      • Wellen’s Syndrome is a contraindication to having a stress test

Bean D, et al. Chest Pain: Diagnostic Strategies to save Lives, Time and Money in the ED.  Emergency Medicine Practice. June 2003
Mead NE, O’Keefe KP.  Wellen’s Syndrome: An ominous EKG pattern. J Emerg Trauma Shock. 2009 Sep;2(3):206-8

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