Medical Minute: Three Tips for Managing Heat Stroke

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July 14, 2014 by dailybolusoflr

By Lisa Cuttle, MD

Briefly:  heat stroke is an elevated temperature, typically over 104F in conjunction with altered mental status
1.Fluid Resuscitation:  Be judicious with your fluid resucitation. Many patients are relatively euvolemic, and are at risk of catecholamine-induced stress cardiomyopathy, so consider use of boluses of 250-500 ccs. If patients are still hypotensive after 1-2 L, start pressors early to avoid inducing pulmonary edema.
2. Pressors: If pressors are needed, AVOID levophed/alpha-adrenergic agonists  as cooling is inhibited by peripheral vasoconstriction. Dobutamine is first line choice, followed by dopamine.
3. Benzos: Don’t forget to treat shivering with benzodiazepines. Seizures are also common, but should be preferentially treated with midazolam as is shorter acting. Seizures should resolve with cooling.

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