Daily Bolus of LR: Mandibular Dislocation

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January 12, 2012 by dailybolusoflr

Mandibular Dislocation


·         Can occur in anterior, posterior, lateral or superior direction

o   Anterior is the most common and dislocation is maintained by spasm of the temporalis and lateral pterygoid muscles

·         Dislocations are usually bilateral

·         Patients typically present acutely with pain, trouble speaking and/or inability to open their mouth and malocclusion of their teeth

·         Common mechanisms for anterior dislocations include activities that require one to open the mouth widely (ie. Laughing, yawning, dental extraction, trauma) whereas other types of dislocation typically involve significant trauma are have a high incidence of co-existent fractures

·         Anterior dislocations which are atraumatic are often diagnosed clinically by history, clinical exam (typically find a preauricular depression from where the mandibular condyle is missing) and reduction attempts can be attempted without imaging

·         Reduction methods can be seen here on AccessMedicine.com   http://accessmedicine.net/search/searchAMResultImg.aspx?searchStr=&searchType=1&rootTerm=reduction%20of%20temporomandibular%20joint%20dislocations&rootID=49304&resourceID=40&narrowing=yes


Ref: Tintinalli, 6th ed

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