Daily Bolus of LR: EMS Scope of Practice

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January 4, 2012 by dailybolusoflr

EMS Scope of Practice

EMS providers and thus the units they ride on are divided into BLS or basic life support and ALS or advanced life support categories.

BLS providers are EMTs

· Can provide basic airway management (BVM, oral airway insertion), CPR, hemorrhage control, immobilization (spinal and fracture), childbirth, and defibrillation with AED.

· EMT basic receive about 100 hours of training

· EMT intermediate receive 200-400 hours of training. This level can perform all of the EMT basic interventions but can also insert IVs and provide select medications, as well as in some instances intubate

ALS providers are paramedics (also known as EMT-P)

· Can provide advanced airway management (intubation, cric), needle decompression, is trained in cardiac rhythm recognition and treatment and can defibrillate and initiate cardiac pacing

· Paramedics receive about 1000 hours of training

Ref: Harwood-Nuss, 5th edition

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