Daily Bolus of LR: Use of progesterone in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

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October 6, 2011 by dailybolusoflr

Use of progesterone in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy- not as helpful as you would hope!


·         Progesterone as a diagnostic test for the identification of ectopic pregnancy is unfortunately not as useful as one would hope

·         Serum levels of progesterone in the first trimester stay relatively consistent and do not increase with gestational age.


·         A progesterone level over 20-25ng/mL is predictive (>95%) of a normal pregnancy

·         A progesterone level under 5mg/mL is predictive ( approaching 100%) of an abnormal pregnancy

·         Abnormal pregnancy cannot be distinguished between ectopic versus abnormal IUP

·         A significant majority of patients will have levels in the indeterminate range (5-20) and thus this test does not offer any significant assistance in diagnosis when it is in this range


Ref: Am Fam Physician. 2007 Feb 1;75(3):312. and Emerg Med Clin N Am21 (2003) 565–584


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