Daily Bolus of LR: Non-absorbable suture material

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June 30, 2011 by dailybolusoflr

Non-absorbable suture material



Non-absorbable sutures are most commonly used for typical skin repair.


The two most commonly used brands are Nylon (Ethilon and Dermalon) and Prolene.


Nylon sutures are minimally reactive monofilament sutures.  They have great tensile strength and are easy to handle. They have minimal tissue reactivity.   They do require at least 4 knots, as they property of the suture is to return to being straight.


Prolene sutures have the least tissue reactivity and have great tensile strength.  Prolene is more “stretchy” than Nylon and can expand in the setting of edema.  It also comes in blue, which is a plus in areas where dark hair is present.  Prolene is more slippery than Nylon and thus, is good for areas where infection is a concern, as the bacteria have a harder time adhering.


Ref: Ethicon wound manual

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